P.E WW2 Dance

In P.E we have been sequencing movements to a well known wartime song – “Run Rabbit, Run” by Flannagan and Allan.

We created playground games that would have been played by children during WW2. We used slow motion hopscotch, aeroplane and soldier movements.

We then had to act out hiding in our Anderson shelter when the air raid siren played.

Can you comment on anything we did really well or anything we can improve on?


5 thoughts on “P.E WW2 Dance

  1. I think you should add a few more actions to it not just planes.I think you should add some people shooting at each other and people ducking to. 🙂


  2. Hi its me aaminah,hows school everyone i hope your having a lovely time with Mrs Underwood she is the BEST!!!!!!!!!Do you agree!she is the best.I found a pic for the grammar board.



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