Sweetart Murals

Click on the image below to visit Graham’s website where you can see some of the amazing work that he has done in schools, community projects and children’s bedrooms.



Global Learning – Our Leavers’ Mural

This week we are going to produce our Leavers’ Mural with the help of the talented Graham.

We are going to paint a section of the wall in the Old Hall and need to help give Graham some inspiration.

We want the mural to represent and celebrate Robin Hood’s International links.

We need your help to design an drawing that could be used as an idea within the mural. Think about the following:

-What it means to be a global citizen/learner

-Our Chinese New Year celebrations/The Year of the Sheep

-Worldwide friendships/penpals

-Our links with school across the world: China/Hungary

-International flags

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Yr 5 Ukulele

image imageimage

Wow these year 5 children know how to rock and they must love ukueles because while year 6 was doing their song Uptown Funk year 5 tried to pick up their ukuleles and start jamming with them!

On the side is a picture of the ukulele teacher his name is  Mr.Reed he is so talented and if you want to visit his website here is the link : http://www.ukulelerocks.co.uk

By Alysha And Sukpal😀

Glistening Guitars

image image image

Superb! These three children : Mehak, Brandon and Tyler have shown us a great performance of guitar history they did this with a sheet and no help from their teacher either isn’t that amazing I am so amazed!

By Alysha And Sukpal😉

Cool Choir Concert

image image image image image image image

Wow! This is so cool they blowed all of us away this choir was good and have a look at their great actions I think this school has got some singers in the making. We have the best singers that school could have also the best part was when Aiden did his line it was so funny.

By Alysha And Sukpal😃