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General Grammar


What if everyone jumped at once?


What do you think would happen if everyone on our planet (all 7 billion of us) jumped 30cm high in the air all at the same time? Would the Earth move? Would it cause an earthquake?

What do you think? Comment your ideas below and give reasons in your explanations. Don’t Google the answer – just sue your own ideas at this stage.

Holbeck Hall Hotel

Below are pictures of the Holbeck Hall Hotel in Scarborough, Yorkshire. On 3rd June 1993, this hotel collapsed into the sea due to coastal erosion. The sea had ‘eaten’ away at the cliff that the hotel was built on until it eventually gave way and collapsed into the sea.

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World Maths Day 4th March 2015

Today we celebrate World Maths Day, one of two world wide celebrations dedicated to the joy of mathematics. The second World Maths Day is 14th October 2015.

Click on the links below to find out more about the origins of World Maths Day and also about famous mathematicians who have influenced the way our world works.


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein 2

Alan Turing

Alan Turing 2


Pythagoras 2

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton 2

Anders Celcius

Anders Celcius 2