Neil Armstrong Synopsis

Link 1

Use the link above to read about Neil Armstrong. You are to write a synopsis (overview) summarising his life – including his greatest accomplishments and any other information you find interesting.

Think about your high level features of writing – paragraphing for effect and a range of sentence types.


The Beatles!

In our History and Science topics we are focusing on events that occurred in the 1960s.

Use the link below to research about an influential music band called The Beatles.

The Beatles

Comment below the facts that you find the most interesting. Don’t forget your SPaG features – your sentences must be accurate and grammatically correct.


SPaG challenge

Click on the link above to find the picture of the day.

Read the SPaG challenge. Find a partner and complete the challenge in your writing journals. In Independence Time tomorrow create a poster to explain how to use the feature from the SPaG challenge.

Earth , Sun and Moon


Click on the link above to learn more about the Earth, sun and moon.

Complete your science task comparing the relative sizes of the Earth, sun and moon.

The 3 balls you should use are the beach-ball, the green pea and the grain of sand – which ball represents the Earth, sun and moon?