The Origins of Halloween

Ever wondered why people dress up in costumes for Halloween? Do you buy a Halloween pumpkin to decorate every year but aren’t really sure why?

Use the link below to discover the origins of Halloween and find out about some of the fascinating traditions that are followed in this Autumn festival.

Halloween Origins




In Science we are currently finding out about the Nasa Kepler Mission.

Here are some links to help with your research about Kepler the Man and Kepler the Mission

Kepler the man – biography

Kepler the mission

P.E WW2 Dance

In P.E we have been sequencing movements to a well known wartime song – “Run Rabbit, Run” by Flannagan and Allan.

We created playground games that would have been played by children during WW2. We used slow motion hopscotch, aeroplane and soldier movements.

We then had to act out hiding in our Anderson shelter when the air raid siren played.

Can you comment on anything we did really well or anything we can improve on?

SPaG Slip-ups


In the Year 5 and 6 corridor we have a new display.
When you are out and about, take photos of incorrect spellings and use of grammar.

You may spot misused apostrophes or silly spellings. Take a photo and stick it on our board.