Multiplying the Chinese Way!

This week in Robin Hood we’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year.

In maths today, we had a go at the Chinese method for multiplication – the lattice method. Click on the link below to find out some of the history behind this clever method and watch the video to learn how it’s done!

Have a go at the following multiplications and comment your answers – tell me how you found using the lattice method. Was it harder/easier than grid or column method?

1. 12×13

2. 23x 14

3. 103 x 22

Link 1


Handwriting Competition

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 20.08.16

Is your handwriting beautiful?! Do you think you have what it takes to enter a handwriting competition?! If you win, you will win £150 for school and get your own mystery prize and certificate!

To enter: 

If you are ten years old, come and ask me for a copy of a poem, which you have to copy out in your best handwriting on unlinedpaper!

If you are 11 years old, choose your own poem to write out on unlined paper. It must be at least 8 lines long, but fit onto 1 side of A4 paper.

Hand in your poems to me and I will enter them into the competition.

Good luck everyone!


Today in 6LU we learned how to use the presentation app Prezi. We like it because it allows us to be creative with how we present information and we also like that we can embed YouTube videos to help explain our ideas.
It’s exciting learning new skills and learning how to present and showcase our learning in different, more creative ways.






In Geography we have been learning about erosion and the impact this has on coastlines in the UK. Watch this video to refresh your memory if you can’t remember what erosion is!

Today we are going to learn all about a town called Happisburgh (pronounced Haze Bru!). This town suffers from rapid erosion which means erosion happens really really fast.
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 19.33.05

Click on the links and videos to read all about the terrible situation in Happisburgh. You will need headphones as there are quite a few videos!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Link 7

Now you’ve read all about Happisburgh, please answer these questions – post your comments here.

1. What is erosion?

2. What is the situation in Happisburgh?

3. What do you think can be done to help the situation in Happisburgh?