SPaG challenge

Click on the link above to find the picture of the day.

Read the SPaG challenge. Find a partner and complete the challenge in your writing journals. In Independence Time tomorrow create a poster to explain how to use the feature from the SPaG challenge.

10 thoughts on “SPaG

  1. Moving house( which I’ve been doing it my whole life) now is like saying goodbye to a giant tortoise with a house on top of it’s shell. Now a giant tortoise is living at the bottom of me and I live on top of him!!!


  2. My sentences with brackets.
    Sukpal’s animals (that live in her garden) love playing.
    Mrs Underwood (my teacher) loves maths.
    Alysha ( who is my best friend) loves being friendly.
    Mrs Underwood ( who teaches me in Literacy ) loves SPAG!


  3. The eight year old tortoise, who has grass all over its shell, moved slowly across the rough ground. Living on a tortoises back is amazing you can see all the wonderful things below. The water that comes from the tortoises is as fresh as a daisy. The tree (an oak tree) has two blue birds, which tweet a song every morning! I lived on this amazing creature it would take me to a secret garden where nobody has…. ever been.


  4. The mysterious man was wearing a red coat And a black hat the mysterious man carried his old stick. The mysterious man trolled through the floor


  5. Slowly and steadily, the colossal tortoise sauntered across the damp,uninviting mud.

    The depressed and gargantuan tortoise weeped as the weight of the house was placed on his shell.


  6. Can you use brackets to add extra information? –
    The unbelievably slow tortoise ( with a dream of being the worlds fastest sprinter ) bumped into a hard boulder !

    These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? –
    The tortoise , called Henry , moved cautiously across the green , shiny , well presented footpath that lead to a huge mansion in the middle of nowhere . Henry had rough , scaly skin and a huge grassy shell !

    Imagine you can see through the eyes of the tortoise. Draw/describe what is in front of you?
    I could see a lovely patch of daisies , a sweet lady watering roses and a man cutting a dog shaped bush ! Carefully , the lake rippled in tidy circular motions as the trees swayed calmly from side to side . There was a bright orange sign that read – Town Of Glory , Made For The Ones That Need To Enjoy ⛲️ ! I was astonished at the heavenly sight that met my eyes ! Was I dreaming ? Is this real ?


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