Netball 22-09-14

Use the videos below to remind you of the different passes used in Netball.

Read the pointers below the videos for extra tips.


3 thoughts on “Netball 22-09-14

  1. The shoulder pass is where you throw the ball by your shoulder to the player.
    The bounce pass is where you throw the ball on the floor To the player.
    The chest pass is where you get the ball by your chest and throw to the other player.


  2. In a proper netball game you have places where to go and where to not go. On your netball t-shirt it will say if you’re a GA (goal attacker) GK (goal keeper) GD (goal defender) GS (goal shooter) WA (wing attack) WD (wing defence) C (centre!)


  3. The rules of netball no.1 you can’t move when you have the ball but you can jump. No.2 the ball can’t touch the ball. You can’t hold the ball for more than 3 seconds.


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