Welcome back 6LU!

Welcome back to Robin Hood Academy!

You are now in 6LU and top of the school – you have a big year ahead with lots of exciting new challenges and I know you will all be brilliant!

Over the summer I got married so I am no longer Miss Cole but now Mrs Underwood 🙂 

Below is a picture of my main summer event. Comment to tell me and the rest of the class about your summer holiday adventures. Include a subordinate clause in your comment to show what you have learned today.



26 thoughts on “Welcome back 6LU!

  1. I had a great holiday and the main thing I did on holiday was went to London my hotel was right by the Tower Bridge , which is the most amazing bridge that I have ever seen.


  2. In the holidays I went to Dudley zoo, where I saw a huge tiger and orangutan, and had a lovely time!

    I went to a farm and my sister’s friend’s house for her birthday.
    She had a cute dog, whose name was Bernie, and he chased me around the garden!!!

    I also attended a wedding, which was so exciting, where I saw a girl from year six, ( who has now left.)


  3. In the summer holidays I went to Pakistan, which was boiling hot, and soon after I travelled to Dubai.
    When we came back we had a family picnic, which was so much fun, in Kings Heath park.

    P.S Miss Cole, who turnerd into a Mrs over the summer holidays, looks as pretty as a princess.


  4. I have learnt today about the subordinate clause. In the holiday I had a really fun time because I went to my cousins house, which was full of games, ps3, football, basketball and a computer!!! ( Morning until night.)


  5. Mrs Underwood I went to Devon, where I saw the Royal Air Force, on holiday. I stayed at a holiday park called Riviera Bay. I played snooker withe my dad best out of 5 but he won!


  6. I went to the park, which was near my grandmas house, so I could play football.
    I went to London, where I did my mock exam, so I would do better in my real exam.


  7. I went to Alton Towers, which was quite far away from my house, I had a great time.
    I went to Lego land, which is very far from my house, It was the best trip I had ever been on.
    I went to Drayton Manor, which is a little trip from my house, it was a brilliant day.
    I went to the park with my Dad, it is not very far, I played cricket we had a great time


  8. I went to the zoo and I saw a monkey, a black leopard and a parrot.
    I had a picnic.
    I went to Drayton manor with the sea cadets. I went on the rides and it was very fun.


  9. I went to Brean with my family and stayed in a caravan, which was near to the beach, for one week. While we were there we all went to a fun fair and we went on the bumper cars. We also went to the beach and made sand castles.


  10. Hi!! It’s Simran from two years ago! Finally you’re married I remember when you first told us my google email doesn’t work anymore, but I’m so happy you’re married. Happy days:)


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